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Dealing with a motorcycle accident alone can be very difficult.

Focus On Getting Better

Let us handle your case so that you can focus on getting better. You will have a lot of medical appointments and physical therapy sessions to attend, so having us by your side will take off the burden from your shoulder. We will manage all the legalities of the accident.

We Can Negotiate With Insurance Companies

Negotiating with the insurance companies can be most draining part of the accident. They will try their best to give you as little money as they can. Our lawyers can negotiate on your behalf so that you can recover from the injuries peacefully.

About Us

Motor vehicles pose great risk to everybody on San Diego highways and roads, but collision to motorcycles can especially be risky because of the fact that motorcycles aren’t equipped with same safety features as most automobiles have and the motorcycles are much lighter and smaller than the trucks and automobiles they may crash with. Due to this, motorcyclists are more likely to undergo catastrophic and severe injuries following an accident.

If you or any of your loved one has faced a motorcycle crash, it is vital that you seek legal advice of a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at San Diego who handles these kinds of cases regularly. Our motorcycle accident lawyers represent the motorcycle accident victims as well as their families all through the San Diego area. We know the unique challenges which motorcycle accident lawsuits present often and are prepared to meet all those challenges and also fight on your behalf for your rights. Our legal firm is founded on the belief that all the people are always entitled to aggressive, trustworthy, and competent legal representation. Please don’t hesitate to call us and schedule a free consultation with us.


We will always be honest and up front with our clients.
We give the best possible representation of our clients’ cases to get success they deserve.

Our Firm
We are one among the most well known law firms in San Diego. We work with knowledgeable and experienced lawyers nationwide; therefore we can represent our clients anywhere, regardless of where you are. As our firm deals with all types of motorcycle accident injury and death cases, we have the expertise to handle even the most complex cases that involve areas of laws such as cases against government entity and product liability. Examples include:
-Product liability (defective parts, defective motorcycle, and defective helmets)
-Motorcycle accidents that have caused many injuries including spinal cord and brain injuries
-Defective roadways
-Negligent medical care after your accident (medical negligence)
-Crashes with big commercial trucks
-Fatal motorcycle accident

If you or any loved one has got injured or even killed in motorcycle accident, do get in touch with motorcycle accident attorneys at our firm. The initial consultation is available for free and if we consent to handle your motorcycle accident case, in most of the cases we’ll work on contingency fee basis. That means we will get paid by your for our service only if a monetary recovery is there. In many cases, motorcycle injury lawsuit should be filed before the applicable expiration date called statute of limitation. Call us immediately to make sure that you don’t waive your rights to possible compensation.

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